ADEDE is a company headquartered in Belgium, with branches in several other countries. We specialize in searching for, identifying and detonating explosives after World War I and II, both on land and water.

We consist of a team of around fifty geologists, geophysicists, UXO experts, (marine) archaeologists, surveyors, and other support specialists around the world. We also have a fleet consisting of three survey vessels (ROV and AUV) and if necessary we rent equipment / vessels.

Here are some of our key services;
– historical research and risk assessment
Advice and operational evaluation
– training and certification
Offshore UXO surveys.
– UXO investigation and clearing.

All our services include additional equipment, support and delivery services:
– Marine archeology
– battlefield archeology
Geophysics surveys
Data evaluations
Autonomous submarines
– ROV survey
Radar surveys
– remote controlled equipment
– vehicles

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    Britt Salamonsen
  • Phone:
    +47 995 22 220
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