We are an engineering company that develops, designs and builds custom tailored production equipment, machinery and prototypes. Our core competences are mechanical and electrical design, robotics, cybernetics, automation, industrial IT and complex system integrations. Our greatest asset is our experience in developing solutions for a wide range of industries. Our goal is to increase our customers profit by developing high-tech and automated solutions, which provide high productivity and quality and enables effective use of resources and space. Development is a complicated task and many of our customers has spent days, weeks or months thinking about their production problem or product idea before they feel ready to contact an external developer. We believe that it’s smart to contact us as soon as possible in the process. Use our experience and let us help you set the course. We know what is needed to go from idea to product! Let’s take a look at the idea or problem together, and we’ll find the best solution based on economy, efficiency and quality.

  • Contact person :
    Ken Andre Kihle
  • Phone:
    +47 992 24 842
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