Grenland Havn IKS

Grenland Havn IKS is a municipal company, owned by Skien, Porsgrunn and Bamble municipalities. The port of Grenland handles approximately 11 million tonnes of cargo every year and receives vessels of up to 150,000 dwt.

Port of Grenland is a multi-modal node with a number of terminals for handling industrial cargos, wet bulk, dry bulk, timber, general cargo, LoLo, RoRo, RoPax and railway cargos.

The port has a dedicated terminal for project cargos with crane capacities of up to 400 tons. With the exception of a few specialized product-terminals, Port of Grenland is one of the largest ports in Norway in terms of volume. The port has the capacity on its quays, roads and railways to provide a smooth and speedy transfer of goods.

  • Kontaktperson :
    Finn Flogstad
  • Telefon:
    +47 907 66 135
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