Norsk Spesialolje

Norsk Spesialolje AS (NSO) was founded in 1986. NSO has since then developed into Norway’s leading company for receiving and treating waste oil and contaminated water.

Norsk Spesialolje AS (NSO) is a company within the Norwegian system of handling hazardous waste. The department in Årvoll and the department in Bamble are wholly owned subsidiaries of NSO AS, with its administration in Oslo.

Norsk Spesialolje AS established itself at Kambo in 1984, on a property with a plant that was originally built in 1962. The plant has been key in collection and treatment of waste oil, but also other types of waste, such as oil contaminated water and glycol.

The plant in Bamble started up in December 2014, with collection and treatment of oil contaminated water as its main process. However, the plant still collects and treats waste oil.

The plant in Kambo will be discontinued within 2020 and the property in its entirety will be used for real estate development. Before the plant is discontinued, the tanks/equipment, working staff and trucks will be moved to a new plant in the Moss region; Norsk Spesialolje AS avd. Årvoll. The plant at Årvoll commenced in October 2019. This is a smaller tank park with a capacity of 2,050 m3.

This plant’s purpose is receiving (with control) and intermediate storage of waste oil, reimbursement-oil, glycol, contaminated water and fluids with a low flash point (e.g. gasoline)

The received waste goes through bulking/re-packing and is then sent to certified and appropriate downstream solutions. With the decommissioning of Kambo, all treatment of oil and water is moved to the plant in Bamble.

On the plant in Årvoll, large sludge collection facilities was built for receiving sand from oil separators, and sand traps. The collected sand is dewatered at the Årvoll plant before being forwarded.

Norsk Spesialolje AS has laboratories at both the Bamble and Årvoll plant. The laboratories function as operating laboratories, mainly conducting collection controls. In addition, the laboratory in Bamble function as an assignment/project laboratory for external clients. This laboratory is accredited in Norsk Akkreditering according to NS EN ISO-IEC 17025.

Norsk Spesialolje AS has a truck department that consists of vacuum- and tank trucks for services in the market (emptying and cleaning oil separators and sand traps, tank cleaning etc.)

Norsk Spesialolje AS receive and processing with a high focus on quality, the environment, HSE and professional expertise.

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