With experience and competence, we target to be in front helping our clients realizing technical ideas.

Our consultants have experience and expertise in both general and specialized disciplines. If necessary, we establish larger interdisciplinary teams to solve your challenges.

Our focus areas:

  • Partnership for technical development and realization of new industrial processes and products.
  • Entrepreneurs and / or newcomers often need assistance to get over the «dead valley» (from good idea to commercial operation) with studies, solutions, engineering, application for public support, etc.
  • Studies towards established industry, «ideas, experience and resources».
  • We provide key personnel for project implementation of new production processes in existing facilities, including technical and commercial assessment of solutions. We also contribute with the management and design of pilot facilities, including test programs.
  • Realization of investment project: «project management and support».

Project and technical management (engineering disciplines, procurement, HSE, QA / QC and construction management) for development / modification / revision / realization of

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    Kjell Simonsen
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    +47 911 21 100
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  • Contact person :
    Pål Stampe
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    +47 900 89 234
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