WAI Environmental Solutions AS

WAI Environmental Solutions AS offers systems for drying and pyrolysis treatment of organic waste streams and residual products to municipal and industrial companies.

This is circular economy in practice, where we recycle resources from sewage sludge, food waste, animal manure, garden waste, digestate from biogas plants, dirty plastics, etc., and produce valuable products such as biochar, bio-oil and combustible gas. Nutrients such as phosphorus and nitrogen can be recycled for agriculture, CO2 is stored in the biochar, unwanted elements such as microplastics, pharmaseutical residues and bacteria are eliminated, and the energy content is further processed into low-carbon fuel. The energy from the pyrolysis process is used to dry the raw materials before feeding. In many cases, large amounts of surplus energy is created in the form of pyrolysis oils and syngas that can be used for district heating or the production of electricity. All types of industry and municipalities with residual products or sludge that contain organic material will be able to recover nutrients, energy and contribute to carbon storage by means of drying and pyrolysis treatment.

WAI Environmental Solutions AS was started in 2017 by Dr. Gang Xin and Steinar Danielsen. We are affiliated with Silicia, Vestfold Technology Incubator at the Research Park at USN Bakkenteigen in Borre. Visiting office is at Langmyra 11b, 3185 Skoppum.

Our Belt Dryer system in combination with Pyrolysis can process volumes from 500 kg / hour to 6 tons / hour. The pyrolysis process takes place at 400-650 oC with lack of oxygen so that the organic material is broken down into valuable components such as fixed carbon, oils and synthesis gas. We integrate innovative Norwegian and Chinese technology and work mainly in the Norwegian / European market and in China.

Our pyrolysis pilot reactor which is in operation in Norway is a mini version of the large industrial reactors we have in operation in China. The pilot is used for research purposes and is used in projects with customers who want to verify the pyrolysis treatment of their own organic residual product / waste.

WAI works to ensure that all organic waste is recycled, preferably locally so that we can contribute to a carbon-neutral society in Vestfold and Telemark and in Norway. The production of 1 ton of biochar captures approx. 3 ton of CO2 that can deducted from the carbon footprint if the biochar is used in e.g. agriculture, animal feed or forestry.

WAI Technology is in full-scale operation in other countries and available for installation in Norway.

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